Methamphetamine Treatment

An overview of options for methamphetamine treatment and tips on supporting a meth addict trying to overcome amphetamine addiction.Recovering from a meth addiction can be very difficult. Overcoming the effects of meth withdrawl symptoms may require a rehab. 


One of the most devastating addictions is one to methamphetamine. This is an extremely potent drug, offering an altered mental state that is very heightened. The effects of meth can be very quick and very overwhelming. The addiction can develop quite quickly and have a very strong hold. Meth is also very dangerous. It can cause severe health problems, and even death. Indeed, a meth addiction is so strong that it can supersede just about anything else, leaving the addict unable to care for himself or herself - or any dependents.

It is extremely important to work hard at methamphetamine treatment. Because the addiction is so strong, it is important to note that the possibility of relapse is high. This is because, after the physical meth withdrawal symptoms subside, there are stronger psychological symptoms to be dealt with. Casual meth users that stop can usually expect that the intense craving period will last for six to eight months. For heavy meth users, there is a strong chance of relapse anytime within three years. This means that it is especially important that methamphetamine treatment include support for the addict.

Options for methamphetamine treatment

There are a few different options for methamphetamine treatment. Ideally, you will help the addict find a specialist. There are clinics and specialists now that are trained specifically to deal with meth addiction. However, the waiting lists for these clinics and specialists can be quite long. Additionally, in some cases, they can be quite costly. While a methamphetamine treatment program tailored specifically to the drug is likely to have the best results, it is possible to overcome a meth addiction with other methods. Here are some therapies that can work for methamphetamine treatment:

  1. Behavioral modification: This therapy helps the addict replace dangerous and undesirable behaviors with new habits. Addicts may also undergo cognitive conditioning, learning to apply deep breathing and meditation techniques, in order to help them overcome. Behavioral modification helps addicts find other activities to help them take their minds off of the meth, and gradually works toward getting them away from a dependence on the drug.
  2. Pharmacological methamphetamine treatment: In many cases, methamphetamine treatment involves drugs. Drug therapies use less dangerous relatives of meth to help addicts gradually step down. Physicians currently prefer dextroamphetamine and phenteramine as ways to help alleviate cravings and slowly wean the body away from meth addiction. However, there are still debates over the effectiveness of this method, and many agree that without a behavioral modification component, drug therapy alone is less likely to succeed.

For the most part, some sort of behavioral modification and cognitive therapy is most likely to have longer lasting effects. This is because physical symptoms related to methamphetamine withdrawal are actually over relatively quickly. While unpleasant, and resulting in extreme irritability, palpitations, shakiness, insomnia and paranoia, meth withdrawal symptoms on the physical level tend to subside after a couple of months. It is the psychological effects, especially cravings, that tend to last longer.

Supporting a meth addict trying to overcome addiction

No matter what methamphetamine treatment is used, it is vital that an addict receive support from friends and family in attempts to overcome addiction. This is because the cravings can continue with strength for as long as three years - and they may never actually go away. This means that you need to be available to talk to, and also to participate in activities to help the addict keep his or her mind off of meth. You can be instrumental in helping overcome a meth addiction. A strong support system is one of the main factors in helping a methamphetamine treatment plan succeed.

In the end, meth is very dangerous and can be overpowering. It is vital that you look for ways to help those with a meth addiction to overcome, and that you search for programs and meth treatments options that are most likely to work effectively.

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