Meth Sores

Meth sores are a common, unfortunate and sometimes devastating side effect to using Methamphetamine. Many of the meth users and those who are addicted to meth end up with meth sores usually all over their face and body. Meth sores are a result of a few different things that happen while using meth.


There are a few different reasons why meth users end up with meth sores. Contrary to what some may say, meth sores can occur during the very first time a person ever even tries the drug. Many individuals might think meth sores only happen once you have been using the drug for a while and find no harm in trying the drug once. However, meth sores can happen the very first time, and meth is also one of the most addictive illegal drugs on the market. This means that you can virtually become addicted to meth just by trying it a couple of times. Most people that do meth on a regular basis have many meth sores all over their bodies and face to show for it. One of the reasons meth sores occur is because methamphetamine users will feel like they have bug underneath their skin. The crawling sensation that meth users feel will cause them to dig at their skin and face causing sores and bleeding. 

What Causes Meth Sores?

Other causes of meth sores include acne that appears on the user's face and skin because of poor hygiene. When a person is highly addicted to meth and consistently under the influence of the drug, they often go days without showering or practicing any form of good hygiene. This type of behavior leads to severe acne, which the drug user will likely pick rather than clean and treat properly. Another reason acne is so severe when a person becomes a consistent meth user is because the blood is restricted from the vessels in the skin on the face, which is why sores and pimples appear.

For the most part, it takes a few weeks for the meth sores to heal and go away after the user discontinues using meth. However, in most situations, the sores leave scars akin to severe acne scars and pockmarks on the drug user's face. Because the meth sores are so common in meth users, it is usually obvious to others that you are on meth. In addition to other physical signs of meth use like tweaking and meth mouth, the meth sores are indicative that you are a frequent meth user, so it is more difficult to keep this part of your life away from your friends, family and coworkers. 

How to Treat and Prevent Meth Sores:

Obviously the best way to not get meth sores is to not do meth in the first place. Meth is a highly addictive drug that is one of the most difficult illegal drugs to quit and recover from an addiction. By never trying meth in the first place, potential users will never have to worry about getting meth sores, becoming addicted to meth and developing the other severe side effects that come with a meth addiction. 

However, if you or someone you know is addicted to meth, it is vital to receive professional help to quit this addiction immediately. The only way to treat meth sores is to stop doing the drug so the user won't be tempted to pick at their skin or neglect their hygiene. Once the addiction is in recovery, there are ways to treat these sores with topical medicines and scar treatments. However, there is no guarantee that the meth sore scars will ever go away completely. 

Other meth side effects include meth mouth, which is when meth causes extreme dry mouth in the user and then the bacteria from the excess saliva eats away at the teeth and gums. This can lead to even more sever infections. Other health effects from meth use include depression, anxiety, memory loss, heart problems, psychological issues and so much more. Because meth is such a tough drug addiction to recover from, it is vital the user gets professional help from a drug rehab center or therapist. 


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